Acten Retread Tire

Rigourous brings quality, quality takes us further
ACTEN TIRE TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD was established in year 2006. In the highly competitive environment. ACTEN TIRE successfully builds its brand reputation through maintaining a consistent and cohesive.

Be Rigorous is our major motto. 

Acten Tire determines to become a reliable and committed retreader because we believes that retreading business should be about safety and saving that customer’s benefits are of our primary concerns.

We believe that only quality that could take Acten Tire further while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. 

Tire Retreading Process :
1. Initial Inspection
2. X-Ray Inspection
3. Tire Buffing
4. Skiving
5. Tire Repairing
6. Cementing
7. Filling
8. Apply Cushion Gum
9. Apply Tread Liner
10. Curing
11. Final Inspection
12. QC